Pathways Community

Offering a place for people to find belonging, gain self-confidence and rediscover their value through a wide variety of courses and experiences
Group outing

This area of project is evolving into a strong community, providing a place for those experiencing multiple challenges (recovering from homelessness, isolation, mental health difficulties or substance misuse) to belong, gain self confidence and rediscover their value as they have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of courses and experiences offered.

Pathways courses and activities

Pathways offers training in budgeting, tenancy retention, goal setting, job related skills, opportunities for social interaction, weekly fitness class, cooking and much much more. The course content and activities are organic in nature, with the emphasis on what each group or individual identifies as their priority or need. We are committed to having a strength based approach that acknowledges and celebrates the wealth of experience in the room and we come together to learn from each other as a community.

Pathways recovery coaching

We also now provide Recovery Coaching – 1:1 structured support for the recovery from the experience of homelessness, mental health difficulties, isolation, substance misuse, trauma, loss etc etc.  This framework of support has been cited in a recent report by Dame Carol Black who stated in an independent report on drug use, prevention and cause, ‘services should include people with lived experience, working Recovery Champions and Recovery Coaches’. Pathways is working with Recovery Coach Academy to adapt the existing framework of Recovery Coaching so that it more fully  incorporates the recovery journey for the population of people that Pathways and KAP work with.

What the team say...

It's been a privilege to see many of our clients with no recourse to public funds go from literally having nothing to be in secure housing with an income, a hope and a future.

Outreach Team

The thing I love most about working for KAP is the team that I am in and how everyone looks out for each other, I love that we can pray together as a team when we feel like we have exhausted all visible options and we then see answers.

I have worked closely with one resident who has really struggled with both his physical and mental health since the first day I met him but has recently been prescribed the correct medication finally. He said he  'felt the most hope he had felt in over a year about his future' and was making jokes which he hadn't done before and looked like a new man!

Accommodation Team

Many of those I and my team work with have been through serious trauma both in their home countries and in the UK. Being able to bring hope to them by providing practical and emotional support is a huge privilege. 

Welcoming a new family from Syria has been wonderful. As their support worker I went to meet them at the airport. Journeying with them as they adjust to life in the UK has been an absolute joy.

Refugee and Migrant Services Team

It is such an amazing thing to be part of this team and make a real difference in people's lives.  It is really rewarding when we support vulnerable clients and see their difficult situation change to the better.

Refugee and Migrant Services Team

Work Opportunities

Thinking about a job change? Want to be part of a supportive and inspiring team? We have a number of vacancies available...

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