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We have identified 5 ways in which you could help serve the homelessness, displaced and isolated in Bedford and beyond. Get in touch to find out more or let us know how we can help you realise your desire to contribute.





We have a number of ways you can donate to King’s Arms Project – online (one-off or regular) it’s easy, click here.

Some people prefer to transfer directly from their bank account into ours so here are the details:

Sort Code: 60-83-01
Account Number: 20258418
Account Name: King’s Arms Project (Bedford)
Bank: Unity Trust

Or get in touch for more details of how you can give.

You can also use these different ways to generate income from money you are already spending.





A powerful way to bring about change in someone’s life is to offer them the opportunity to step into something new which will enable them to start taking responsibility for their own future. It has been wonderful to partner with local employers who have given someone a chance to improve their employment chances by giving them a voluntary post or a period of work experience. If you have the resources to help in this way then please click below to get in touch for more information.


Time is a valuable resource, use it wisely by volunteering. We have specific volunteer opportunities. We’re currently seeking volunteers – find out more about our new Bedford Winter Night Shelter.



As well as offering workplace opportunities for those seeking help from King’s Arms Project, we know there are many people who can contribute their professional skills and experience to help us carry out the work we do. We have benefitted from the input from business coaches, designers, builders, plumbers, electricians and teachers to name but a few. If you would like to volunteer some time to benefit the disadvantaged by helping the running of King’s Arms Project then please click below for more information.



We know that safe, good quality accommodation is a basic human need and can be a catalyst for positive change for many of our contacts. If you have property you would like to lease to us so we can support individuals and families please click below for more details.




There is nothing quite like setting yourself a challenge, having fun with friends and at the same time raising money for those who need it! The money raised by friends of King’s Arms Project has enabled us to provide much needed support to the most destitute and vulnerable in our town.

If you would like to join us for a fundraising challenge you can find more info here.




We would love it if you could introduce us to someone in your business, school or church who is responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility, fundraising or awareness raising of social issues. We can then resource them with materials, ideas and opportunities for them to contribute.




We believe that lives and circumstances change when we pray. King’s Arms Project stands on the prayers of those who regularly seek God on our behalf for his protection, provision and guidance. If you would like to support us in this way then click here and we will contact you with details of our monthly prayer newsletter.

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